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Country Cares Concert

This is the second “Country Cares Concert” to Benefit the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.
Cathy participates in the Kelly Shires Snow Run, an event that raises money for the foundation. In order to ride in the Snow Run, an all female Snow Mobile Ride, each participant has to raise a minimum of $1250.00. Cathy’s goal is to raise $10,000 and the best way to do this is to reach as many people as possible and ask each one to give just a little. With “Country Cares”, all of the entertainers and band members are donating their time and talents as well as Stephen Michael from the sound company “ME Audio Visual”. Along with a nominal ticket charge, door prizes and Silent Auction will take place to raise additional funds.

Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run

The Snow Run is a weekend that is something so unique and so rewarding. We raise money that goes directly to Breast Cancer Patients, not research – DIRECTLY TO THOSE WHO NEED IT NOW!!!

The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run and the Kelly Shires Foundation are volunteer run organizations. They have one (1) part time employee who does book keeping and handles the applications for assistance two days per week. All other aspects of running this charity are handled by volunteers, most of who are employed in full time jobs. The volunteers also raise pledges or pay for their own attendance at the event. Like many others they believe so strongly in the need to help the women or men and their families who are struggling financially. They also hold fundraising events year round to provide funds for the charity.

To put things into perspective, the minimum pledge a rider brings to the snow run of $1250.00 almost covers what the foundation pays out in an average single claim to assist one Breast Cancer Patient. So by helping a rider reach the minimum pledge amount, you have directly helped to financially assist one Breast Cancer Patient, something you should be very proud of achieving. If the goal of raising a minimum of $10,000.00 is reached, then approximately 8 applicants could be helped.


Tis is a time of need for many….and in many cases, people are healthy and working. Can you imagine fighting for your life, not being able to work and having to pay for medications or treatments or put food in your children’s mouths? If you can’t come to the show, please go online to

You can donate online and everything over $20.00 will be receipted. Can’t donate online….no problem…. email and Cathy will personally arrange with you to pick up your cash or cheque.

For more information about the Kelly Shires Foundation go to

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