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Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation

When cancer is diagnosed, many patients are at a loss, not only are their worlds turned upside down and their health / life at risk, but many also experience financial worries that may never have existed before. Loss of income, medicines, transportation cost, all of these can manifest into a huge concern, especially those self employed or stay at home types. Government assistance is not available to many, especially in the early stages of cancer. While there are many other worthwhile charities that raise money for Breast Cancer, their money does not go directly to the patient, it usually goes to research or hospitals.

Every week, the foundation receives 7 to 10 applications for assistance from across Canada and the need for our type of assistance is increasing rapidly. There are now 2 chapters, the Quebec chapter which covers Quebec applications and the Ontario chapter, which covers all of Canada, including Quebec and as a result the word is also spreading which also increases our demand and quickly results in a shortage of funds.

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